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At many Recovery meetings, group members read aloud from a selection of one of Dr. Low’s books. Reading along in your own copy of Dr. Low’s works can be a helpful way to learn the Recovery method and engage with group meetings. The following is a list some of Dr. Low’s books that are commonly used at meetings, along with links on how to purchase the books from Check with your group leader if you are not sure which book to purchase for use at your group meeting.


Mental Health Through Will-Training (copyright 2019)

The Wisdom of Dr. Low: Words to Live By (copyright 2019)

RI Discovery: Participant Workbook (copyright 2019)

Manage Your Fears, Manage Your Anger: A Psychiatrist Speaks (copyright 2019)

Selections from Dr. Low's Works (copyright 2019)

Power Your Mind: Tools to Build Resilience (copyright 2020)

You can sometimes find used copies of the books at other websites, independent bookstores, and local libraries.

For more books about the Recovery Method, visit the Recovery International bookstore. Please note that these products are from the US (US dollars) and may not be available for shipping to Canada.

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